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Why Choose Penguins ?

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Penguins - Social Events

One-stop destination for all your event management needs. Our core values are professionalism coupled with personalization and innovation. Carpe diem, for our team of professionals with decades of experience, is there to bear the responsibility of running a successful event, be it a domestic event or a full-fledged fat Indian wedding !!!

Penguins Travel Solutions -MICE and Corporate Events

5D Global Travel Solutions is a MICE-based loyalty and Incentive Platform offering products, services, deals, technology & brand to unlock & enhance the experiential value in an extremely macro-based & classy eco system to enrich customer satisfaction in their respective activity value chains

Siti Cable Networks /Tv2net - Internet Bandwidth

We provide Broadband and ILL Connections for include Wi-Fi, DSLs, and fiber, from Siti Cable and Tv2net.  SITI/Tv2net Broadband/ILL employs special technologies that overcome most of the problems faced by regular internet connections today. And provides an unmatched cost benefit for even the heaviest internet users.

Telecom and IT Solutions - Solutions on Security

We provide complete solutions in IT and Telecom verticals. Ingress Energy is our associate company to provide solutions for cybersecurity with Sophos, Syntel, Wifi, CCTV, Antivirus, Data Center, PRI, Internet Leased Line, and MPLS.

Soft Skills Corporate and Leadership Training

We provide training programs, soft behavior skills training Programs, and leadership workshops to employees, managers, and leaders across industries. Therefore, we deliver soft skill training like communication skills, team building, Sales training, leadership training, Stress Management, problem-solving and decision-making collaboration, coaching and mentoring training etc across Eastern India.

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